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Pay As You Go

Full Service Recording Studio

The rate for studio time is $40 per hour which includes an engineer. There's no need to pay for the entire project at once. Instead, you pay the amount due at the end of each day. For 20 years I've been recording a wide-ranging variety of projects large and small. Whether it has been an established band making a full-length CD, or a simple demo, many artists have been amazed at the quality produced and the comfortable work environment. My goal is to always help you sound your absolute best, and to see to it that you're 100% satisfied with the finished product.

At Green Room Recording Studio, you can:

Record a full length professional multi-track CD or any digital media (We are virtually your one-stop solution for everything you need)

Make a demo (Market yourself to a potential venue, record label, band, or have something to sell at gigs)

Vocal recording (Use an instrumental or karaoke version to sing over and show off your talent, or to record it as a gift)

Voice-over (Anything from audio books to commercials can be recorded and edited in-house)

Would you like to market yourself and your music to a potential band? Possibly start a career in voice-over work, radio, or commercials? Nothing would speak volumes about your talent than someone being able to actually hear what you sound like in crystal clear quality. Record a demo of yourself! Present yourself as a professional with proof of your talent.

The studio is complete with a large collection of equipment for superior sound quality, including some in-house instruments and amplifiers that are available at no additional charge.

Check out a complete list of our equipment