Green Room Recording Studio

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The Studio

Green Room is located in Northern Virginia, within the city of Front Royal. Mike Powell, owner and operator, has over 18 years’ experience working with both new and experienced musicians across all musical backgrounds and genres. Whether you’re looking for a place to record a demo, a full-length CD, or learn a new instrument, Green Room Recording has the knowledge and setup to guide you.

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I offer weekly guitar and bass lessons. They are available to all ages, and previous musical experience is not necessary. Instruction is one on one, so lessons can be tailored to what you want to learn with a focus on areas where you need the most help.



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I have the equipment and the experience for digitally recording up to 96 tracks (with up to 16 inputs), editing, and mixing down to CD or any digital media. The studio is complete with a soundproof room in which most any instrument, including live drums, can be recorded using professional level microphones.

My clients have ranged from acoustic solo artists' demos to full-length CDs featuring rock, rap, metal, country, bluegrass, acoustic, and R&B. I have also recorded audio books and commercials. Whether you're looking to record a full-length CD or a simple demo, you will get professional results at an affordable rate!