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Full Studio Equipment List


  • Alesis Matica 500 High speed wide bandwidth dual channel power amplifier

  • Alesis RA-100 Reference Amplifier

  • Peavey Transchorus 210: Guitar combo amplifier

  • Peavey XXL 412: Slant half-stack speaker cabinet

  • Peavey XXL: TransTube Series guitar amplifier

  • Trace Elliott GP7SM 200: Seven band series bass pre-amp and speaker cabinet


  • (4) Roland VS8F-2: Dual stereo multi-effects processors

  • Kurzweil MicroPiano: Sound module


  • Fender Stratocaster: 50th anniversary gold model

  • Fender Telecaster: 50th anniversary model

  • Gibson Les Paul Studio (with '57 classic pick-ups)

  • Ibanez PM-20: Hollow-body electric guitar (Pat Metheny signature series)

  • Korg Triton Studio: 88 key fully weighted keyboard/music workstation/sampler

  • Kramer Baretta

  • Martin HD-28: Acoustic guitar (dreadnought)

  • Peavey Cirrus: Bass guitar

  • Peavey Foundation: Fretless bass guitar

  • Takamine: 12-string acoustic guitar

  • Takamine: Acoustic guitar

  • Warmoth Custom Stratocaster (with Bill Lawrence noiseless pick-ups)

  • Yamaha: Classical guitar


  • (2) Audio-Technica AT4050/CM5: Large diaphragm multi-pattern condenser microphone

  • (2) Neumann KM 184: Small diaphragm condenser microphone (matched pair)

  • (2) Shure Beta 57A: Supercardioid dynamic microphone

  • (8) Shure SM57: Cardioid dynamic microphone

  • Fishman Rare Earth: Active magnetic soundhole pickup

  • Peavey PVM 580 I: Hypercardioid dynamic microphone

  • Shure Beta 52A: Kick drum microphone


  • (2) Sony MDR-7506: Professional monitor headphones

  • (3) Audio-Technica ATH-M30: Professional monitor headphones

  • (3) Behringer HPS3000: Dynamic stereo headphones

  • Alesis Monitor One: Studio reference monitors

  • Alesis Monitor Two: Studio reference monitors

  • Behringer Powerplay Pro-8: 8-Channel headphone distribution amplifier

  • Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL: 4-Channel headphones distribution amplifier

  • Roland MB-24: Digital level meter bridge


  • Behringer Tube Ultragain T1953: Vacuum tube high-precision microphone/line pre-amp

  • Marshall JMP-1: Valve MIDI guitar pre-amp

  • Line 6 Pod Pro: Multi-effects guitar processor/preamplifier (Effects)


  • Alesis MasterLink ML-9600: High-resolution master disc recorder

  • VS-2480 Song Vault: DVD burner (SCSI)


  • (2) Alesis Powertrip-8: Power conditioner and light module

  • (2) Furman PL-Plus: Power conditioner and light module

  • (3) Behringer Ultrapatch Pro: Multi-functional 48-Point patchbay

  • Akai CD3000XL: Stereo CD-ROM Sampler

  • Antares AVP-1 Vocal Producer: Vocal processor with auto-tune pitch correction

  • Behringer DI100 Ultra-DI: Active direct inject box

  • Behringer SRC2496 UltraMatch Pro: Digital audio converter/patchbay

  • Edirol UM-880: 8 In/8 Out USB MIDI interface/MIDI patcher

  • Ion TTUSB05XL: USB turntable/vinyl archiver with line input

  • Mackie CR1604-VLZ: 16-channel mic/line mixer

  • Rapco 16 channel XLR audio snake with 4 aux sends

  • Roland VS-2480: 24-track digital studio workstation (with motorized faders)

  • Tascam DA-20 MKII: DAT recorder

  • Technics: Stereo double cassette deck RS-TR232


  • Korg DT-1 Pro: Digital chromatic tuner