Mike is so knowledgeable and passionate about the guitar. That’s a deadly combo! His attention to detail has been crucial for taking me to the next level. I recommend Mike if you want to become amazing at playing the guitar.
— Michael Panlilio
Mike with green Room Recording is a wonderful teacher. He understands the different ways one can learn (hands on, visual, habit forming, etc.) and incorporates them in his lessons. His style alleviates any anxiety or intimidation you may feel in learning to play and you can sense his passion for the art and dedication to his students. He is encouraging and conducts himself with the qualities of what you’d expect in a good mentor. Truth be told, our lessons are the highlight of my week. As a beginner, I understand the long road ahead, but I look forward to it. Whether you are green like me or just need a refresher course, I definitely recommend giving Mike a holler. You will not be disappointed.
— Jason Waller
I feel like I could write a book about what your teaching has done for Jon’s development as a musician, and as a person. He’s learned to play guitar beautifully, but he’s also learned how to be a musician- how to play effectively with other musicians, how to find his “niche” in the world of music and how to challenge himself appropriately. Your ability to assess where he’s challenged and how to use his challenges to make himself a stronger musician has been instrumental in his growth!
— Ann Long
My 13-year-old son Nick has been receiving lessons from Mike since he was nine. Mike is amazing with kids. He has an incredible personality and my son enjoys every lesson. Guitar has developed Nick to be a well-rounded kid.
— Ryan Foltz
Mike Powell is a man whose name is well known within the music and art community in Warren County. I have talked about my children taking guitar lessons in a handful of social circles; whenever Mike’s name is mentioned, I hear nothing but wonderful things. My experience with him as a guitar teacher over the past year and a half is that he is professional, punctual, capable and kind. I have two sons, 11- and 13-years-old, who take lessons from mike. Each son is unique in their strengths and weaknesses. He tweaks his teaching style on the spot, providing a catered experience for each child. He praises their successes and gently combs through their imperfections, building their confidence and creating a great guitarist along the way. Mike is talented and successful within the skill that he teaches others. On top of that, he truly cares. This is why he stands apart.
— Rhonda Fisher
Fantastic job!
— Jennifer Dawson/Jenna Mulligan
I think mike is very good at his profession as a guitar teacher. I get to see two sides with me being 45 and my 16-year-old son. He is very patient with all of his students and strives for perfection in every note. His focus on teaching you the right way and not just mediocracy I feel is essential in learning to correctly play the guitar. I am very impressed with my level of play in just one year.
— Gene Clem
Mike’s lessons are fun and relaxed. I love that music theory, new cords and more complicated versions are worked into each lesson. It’s rewarding for students to be able to choose their own songs and start out playing some of their favorites. Mike is enthusiastic about music and it shows in how he communicates with students
— Julie Morton
Mike is an awesome guy who’s really likeable with all kids – teenagers and adults get along with him greatly. He truly cares about all of his students. He knows how to pace his students in an engaging way.
— Brett Bohlmann
The kids love coming every week. Drew is really good when he practices!
— Michelle Collins
My son has been taking lessons with Mike for over ten years now. I have enjoyed watching my son’s talent grow with the fundamentals gained from Mike’s teachings and guidance. Mike is a wonderful teacher who has great patience and teaches with such ease, which makes every lesson welcoming.
— Doris Weaver/Daniel Weaver
For a student that finds guitar really challenging, Mike’s patience and approach have helped keep me going. He finds innovative ways to approach a problem and keeps working towards progress. His easy-going personality helps keep it fun.
— Allison Remick
My eight-year-old daughter recently started guitar lessons with Mike, and she absolutely loves them! She is typically a shy child, but I have seen her really open up and show her personality more and more during each lesson. Mike is an excellent teacher - he is patient, engaging and personable; I truly appreciate this wonderful experience he is providing for my child.
— Ashley Morris/Kendall Morris